Deland Original Music Festival, Deland, Florida

Deland Original Music Festival, Deland, Florida

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Deland Original Music Festival 2009

November 14th, 20009

Produced by the Songwriters Showcase of America

At the heart of a song is an idea, and at the center of the idea is a sincere attempt for a sensitive soul, to take this thing called life, with all it's passion, angst, pleasure and pain, and make an electrical connection to another soul.

Using carefully selected words, and skillfully inspired melodies, the songwriter fuses the two together to make a statement that reaches out and connects with a listener, and at that moment, a connection of understanding takes place for both souls.

If a song reaches your soul, be it country, rap, hip-hop, punk, rock, jazz, soul, fusion, or whatever the genre' it is wrapped up in, then the songwriter's task has been successful!

How do I know this? I am a recovering singer/songwriter myself, and I plan on doing whatever I can,using the skills I have, to support singer/songwriters, and original bands, and the SSA, to keep the spirit alive for future generations!

It's all about the original song. There is no better place to see this spirit, as the Deland Original Music Festival in November. Festival Organizer Phil Weidner, President of the Songwriter's Showcase of America , SSA ( has championed this festival for 9 years, along with a troup of his trusted event staff.

I have seen this festival evolve for the past 6 years, and I have to say that this one was the biggest and best ever. There were over 120 individual acts, hundreds of musicians, spread out over 21 stages throughout the City of Deland.

All genres of music, and all ages of performers were supported and celebrated here! Rock, Folk, Blues, Americana, Jazz, Punk, Electronic, Hip Hop, Country and more were equally enjoyed and appreciated by the crowds of music lovers attending this year.

The festival had some awesome sponsors and vendors this year too! Fresh Greek foods sizzling on the grill, pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, fresh lemonade,and more!

If you want to see some real live musicians, who come from all over Florida and beyond, who seek to share with you their original songs, and their messages, there is no better place to do it, than the Deland Original Music Festival! Check out the SSA website for more information on the upcoming festival, !

Come see our Festival Tour of the bands in 3 parts!:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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