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What does a 5yr old kid in Florida do, if he only has one snowball?

What does a 5yr old kid in Florida do, if he only has one snowball? The answer is.......................

Frozen Florida

Frozen Florida version 2- Record Lows, frost, and ice create an otherworldly atmosphere in Palm Coast, Florida on 1/7/10 Video by Gail Carson

The Gingerbread Family Gift

Happy Holidays To All My Readers!!

Come see The World Premiere of The Gingerbread Family Gift, by Gail Carson, right here, and right now!

The Gingerbread Family is busy in their kitchen this holiday season, baking cookies for their favorite Philanthropist, Santa! Come see the real live Fantasy Candy Kitchen, and the story of the Gingerbread Family Gift!

Bryan Rides a 2-Wheeler!

Bryan's Christmas Present to us!!! I have been working with him for almost a year trying to ride a two-wheeler, and he just had so much anxiety about it, so, I bought a little teeny bike for $5 at a garage sale, which would be less intimidating than his bigger one, and for Christmas, I bought a ramp. The ramp was a great idea, as this became the goal for him, to ride the bike over the ramp. He focused so much on the ramp, he forgot to be afraid about balancing on the bike!!! Here he is showing his new skills, he is one happy guy, and his parents are pretty darn proud!