Emerald Coast Science Center - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Emerald Coast Science Center - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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Emerald Coast Science Center

139 Brooks Street

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548



Emerald Coast Science Center is an award winning hands-on children's science center, that is packed with hands-on learning exhibits that cover all kinds of subjects such as light, sound, wind, air, electricity, computer circuits, temperature, gears, and even a living nature center with a snake, bugs, birds and more!

They have a wing called the Hall of Life which demonstrates things like parts of the body and how they work. Bryan was fascinated by Mr. Bones, the skeleton guy, who, with the flick of a switch, rides his bicycle. Bryan loved to see how the bones interconnect and move together while bicycling. He wanted to know what happened to the skeleton guy, how he died, lol. I had to explain to him that all the bones are made out of plastic and put together exactly like a real skeleton, to help explain how the bones work.

I loved how the walls have hidden doors to reveal a whole cubby full of interesting things pertaining to parts of the body.

The gift shop has some amazing finds too! We bought a balloon powered car, and two balloon powered jet propulsion helicopter things, that really work, and Bryan learned something in the process!

They even have a party room for birthday parties, and group gatherings, for the lucky kids who attend.

We loved this place, and am so happy to see science centers like this working hard to reach out to kids to help them understand the physics of life. As parents, it helps us answer questions about all these topics, while using these great visual aids that this place offers.

Emerald Coast Science Center has special programs for boy scouts, girl scouts, and home school groups too. Contact them for more information on how to make your event memorable.

Located right in Fort Walton Landing Park and playground, Emerald Coast Science Center is a fantastic learning adventure for the whole family.

The park and the science center together make for an exceptional family friendly adventure perfect for a weekend afternoon! There is plenty of room for picnics, parties, and fishing on the pier. Plenty of room for groups and events.

Come see a tour!:

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