Fall Country Jamboree - Pioneer Settlement - Barberville, Florida

Fall Country Jamboree - Pioneer Settlement - Barberville, Florida

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Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts

1776 Lightfoot Ln

Pierson, FL 32180

Phone: 386-749-2959


This Annual Country Heritage Festival sprawls over the many acres of land at the Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts in Barberville, Florida.

The Fall Country Jamboree has over 100 re-enactors, artisans, musicians, craftsmen, and historical demonstrators from all around Florida!

This charming and educational festival is a wonderful family- friendly event!

Bryan learned so many things about how people lived, worked, and made things in the early pioneer days. Skilled demonstrators gave Bryan some hands-on experience learning some interesting crafts and trades such as, cleaning cotton, pulling wool into yarn, spinning yarn, knitting yarn, chopping wood shingles, shaving wood shingles, making a rope from twine, making cane syrup from sugar cane, writing stories on a deerskin like a Native American did.

He learned how Native Americans hollowed out logs to make canoes, made knives from the jawbone of an alligator. We even learned how to make pumpkin soup on a campfire with a real pumpkin!

There was such an amazing variety of artisans participating, each one creative and unique. It was also fun to look at all the unusual hard to find items at the Antique Flea Market.

Some of the yummy treats we found were corn-on-the-cob, fresh cider, corn bread, bean soup, italian sausage and peppers, fresh honey, kettle corn, beef jerkey, and much much more!

Music was everywhere you looked! Small groups of musicians were in various locations throughout the festival, playing songs and having a great time. Music Workshops were conducted in small groups, where people could bring their own instruments and learn a few tricks.

There was a Timucuan Trail where you took a nature walk and discovered several Native American Stations with representatives in authentic clothing, explaining and teaching the various aspects of Native American Life. Very cool.

The bluegrass music was jammin' in the barn during the square dance in the barn. So many people participated, I just had to get into the middle of the action. So much fun! The band and the caller, really did a nice job! Well done!

The best thing about this festival, to me, was the heart of the people, the volunteers, and the demonstrators, who sincerely wanted to share with children, how we did things back in early pioneer days, and to keep the spirit alive for future generations.

This was the best country fall festival we have ever seen. Come take a video tour in 2 parts!:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Coming soon is the Native American Pow Wow at the Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts, November 20, 21, and 22nd, 2009!

Here is a short educational video on how to make cane syrup from sugar cane, from the Fall Country Jamboree!

Here is more information and a video about Pioneer Settlement

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