Flagler Agricultural Museum, Palm Coast

Florida Agricultural Museum - Palm Coast

Florida Agricultural Museum

7900 Old Kings Road

Palm Coast, Florida

386 446 7360

Corner of US1 and Old Kings Road

Adults $5 Children $3

Treat yourself and your family to a country day at the Florida Agricultural Museum. It's a great way to get out into the sunshine, meet some very nice people, and learn all about Florida's agricultural history.

All the buildings on display there are original buildings brought here from various places around Florida and meticulously and lovingly restored to every last detail.

Take a tractor ride through the museums 400 + acres of trails, and see an amazing recreated homestead from the 1890's. You will also see some beekeepers hives with bees very busy making honey, and a large country store, packed with many interesting things to see and learn about.

The cracker house settlement was so interesting to me. I felt like I was transported into another time, or walking through a movie set. Historians from the museum have reproduced this settlement with great care. It was so interesting to see and hear all about how people lived here in the 1890's.

Did you know that they used to purposely build the kitchen as a separate addition to their house, so that if there was a kitchen fire, it could be contained before it got to the main living area?

Some plans for the future are to grow some corn, oranges, cotton, and sugar cane to show the visiting school children, and to teach them about these popular crops and how they were utilized.

Various local clubs meet here, such as the local 4-H clubs, and the beekeepers club. Many groups come and enjoy the equestrian camping that is offered.

If you love horses, they have plenty, and all are well loved and cared for. They have many different breeds, the original Cracker Horse, donkeys, mules, draft horses and miniature horses.

Trail rides depart daily and explore the gorgeous miles of trails and the large lake on the property.

If you own your own horse you can bring him here and ride the trails, and camp for very reasonable rates!

There is so much going on here to discover! Coming up in the next few weeks they have a Walk Back In Time history re-enactment, Bluegrass weekend, and a Trail Horse Obstacle Challenge competition.

Every 3rd saturday, they have an old fashioned barn dance with bluegrass music!

I met some wonderful new friends there, and I hope you get the chance to enjoy this fantastic country adventure soon! Open every day except Mondays and Tuesdays from 9AM to 5PM, with daily tours from 10AM to 4PM. See you there!

Florida Agricultural Museum Music Jam!

Music Jam with Barn Dance, October 17, 2009!

Music at the museum event December 19th, 2009

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December 19th, 2009 BARN DANCE!!!