Ichetucknee Springs State Park - Fort White, Florida

Ichetucknee Springs State Park - Fort White, Florida

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Ichetucknee Springs State Park

12087 S.W. US Hwy 27

Fort White, Florida 32038

Phone: 386-497-4690

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Ichetucknee Springs Family Campground

245 SW Breckenridge Ln

Fort White, FL 32038



An Ichetucknee Springs State Park summer tubing adventure is just what you need to relax and enjoy the beauty of this Florida water wonderland. This is where the Florida Aquafer meets the Florida Fauna to provide for an unforgettable personal experience with the Florida wilderness.

Come as you are, young, or old, big or small, the river awaits you!

July is peak season for river tubing, the temperature is hot, and the river temperature is warmed up a bit, to make the perfect climate temperature wise.

If you go, I recommend going before Labor Day and arriving at the entrance to the State Park by 8:00AM to ensure your place in the sun. They close the gates after 750 people have entered to ensure ecological stability of the resources.

The North Entrance is open in July and offers an even longer tubing experience through some beautiful birdy marshes.

Some of the wildlife we saw were: Wood Stork, Ibis, Great Heron, Great White Heron, Osprey, giant Florida Gar, Red Sided Turtles, Yellow Belly Turtles, Brim, Large Mouth Bass, and more!

We stayed at the Ichetucknee Springs Family Campground located 1/2 mile before the North Entrance to the State Park. This is the ideal place to stay overnight. It is very inexpensive, the sites are wooded and private, with picnic tables and fire rings for a campfire. They have a little camp headquarters with a pool table, and games, a bar and grill serving hamburgers, pizza and drinks. They have restrooms and showers in the back.

Tube rentals are conveniently located right on site beginning at 8pm the evening before your tube ride.

In the morning, you pack up quickly with your tubes attached to your car, and get in line at the gate at Ichetucknee State Park North Entrance.

The fee is $5 per person for tubing on the river, ages 5 and under are free.

You walk to the head springs and get dropped off while one person from your party drives your car to the midpoint concession area, the main park area. Then he/she is shuttled back and you can begin your tubing adventure.

There are 3 stops along the way, where you can choose to get out, rest, picnic, etc. at the end, the #1 stop, #2 stop(the midway point), and the #3 stop, where you and your tubes can get shuttled back to the #2 drop in, and continue your river tubing adventure over and over, till the park closes.

This was a fantastic experience! I hope that you get the chance to do this!

My main camera had a problem, at an earlier adventure, so I used the cheapo backup camera for this event, then humidity got in it and stopped working or else I would have documented it more comepletly. I hope you enjoy the short tour!:

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