Kanapaha Botanical Gardens - Gainesville, Florida

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens - Gainesville, Florida

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Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

4700 SW 58th Dr.

Gainesville, FL‎

(352) 372-4981‎


Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a 62 acre formal gardens nestled on the edge of Lake Kanapaha, home to an old Timucuan Indian village, from where it gets its name.

Here you will find a lovely 1 1/2 mile tour where you can visibly see their 24 formal garden settings. They have a children's garden with a dragon, a waterfall, koi, and fish feeding stations, and an interesting artistic rock wall and garden path with fun shapes, colors embedded within.

They have bridges and waterfalls, and flowing ponds host to giant water lilly pads in the summer, which are very large and dramatic!

There is an interesting flower maze for children to wander through, and a huge new ampitheater and room for hundreds of guests. This facility would be a perfect retreat for a group event, festival, or a wedding! There is a beautiful gazebo overlooking a grassy knoll perfect for rows of chairs.

The gift shop inside the Visitor Center was overflowing with wonderful artistically unique gifts that you won't find anyplace else!

We enjoyed our brief visit, as we arrived too late to enjoy the whole gardens. We will be back!!

Come enjoy a 1/2 tour:


We went back and enjoyed a full tour of the beautiful botanical gardens. These gardens have so much personality to them! There is the Children's Garden, with an interesting water feature, where kids can feed the fish, there is a Bulb Garden, a Camelia Garden, an Herb Garden, a Bamboo Garden, a Hummingbird Garden and more!

The Bamboo Garden was awesome. Being in the middle of these huge stands of bamboo felt like being on another planet!

The Hummingbird Garden was fantastic and at it's peak! I saw several hummingbirds, and they were SO fast! I was able to capture one picture as a silhouette, and one other one from far away. They were very elusive!

Very nicely done, I am so glad to have had the chance to come back and see the whole thing.

Come see a tour:

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