LeHigh Trail, Palm Coast, Florida

LeHigh Trail in Palm Coast

LeHigh Trail is a new rail to trail path currently running from Colbert to Old Kings Road, and then continues west to Belle Terre.

It is asphalt paved and wide, suitable for jogging, skateboarding, rollerskating and biking! There is a beautiful canopy of trees growing on either side of the trail and at the Colbert end there is a 200ft long wooden boardwalk over the marshy areas.

We love this trail, and it's fun to peek over the edge of the boardwalk and try to see some fish, or frogs, and more.

We saw an opossum on our trip, and followed it, as it merrily ambled about.

This day was the day daddy and Bryan took the training wheels of Bryan's bike and tried to ride for the first time! Come see what happened!