MonkeyJungle Funtime Pizza - Jacksonville, Florida

MonkeyJungle Funtime Pizza - Jacksonville, Florida

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Monkey Jungle Funtime Pizza

1318 Beach Blvd

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250-3408

(904) 372-2500

Monkey Jungle Funtime Pizza is brand new as of July 1, 2009!

This place is packed with fun things for kids of all ages to do! They have a very large indoor play structure, that's free for all the kids. There are almost 50 arcade games, and games of skill, a rock wall experience, and a brand new kiddie bowling attraction called Rollerball! Bryan loved the mini-bowling attraction! You have a choice to play with bowling bumpers or without at the beginning of each play.

They also have a special room for very small children, called the Pirate's Cove, where they can play on their own Pirate ship, and eat their pizza, and watch movies.

I love the All You Care To Eat Buffet which has several kinds of pizza and an over 30 item salad bar. The pizza was good! The cost is only 3.99 for kids 5 and under, with pricing going up according to age! Free WiFi!

They also have a Java Jungle Cafe' which serves over 20 different kinds of drinks including Fruit Smoothies, Iced Coffees, Energy Drinks, Fruit Juices and More...

We had a strawberry smoothie, which was very yummy!

Bryan loved to play all the games. The prices are very reasonable. He really loved this roller coaster simulation ride. It gave him the chance to experience what a real roller coaster is like! He was screaming, it was so cute!

I love the safety feature built into this facility. Upon entering every child and their parent, gets stamped with an identical invisible number which is checked at the door upon leaving, so no child leaves without their parent.

This would be the perfect place for a birthday party, because they take care of everything, and the kids have a blast!

We had a great time here! This is a great indoor place to bring your whole family!

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