Seaside Balloon Festival - New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Seaside Balloon Festival - New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Seaside Balloon Festival

New Smyrna Beach Airport

3rd weekend in May

Annual Event

The Seaside Balloon Festival in New Smyrna Beach, is a fabulous family friendly event that everyone will love!

Located on the expansive New Smyrna Beach Airport, there is plenty of room to move around, and enjoy the sights.

This Annual Event comes around the 3rd weekend in May, and offers some unique opportunities, to ride in a hot air balloon, tethered or untethered for very reasonable prices.

The festival also offers helicopter rides and airplane rides too!

Free admission, with a $5 parking fee will get you in. Kids inflatable obstacle course, and slides are free all weekend long, and bouncy bunjee jumping has a nominal fee.

The food looked fabulous, the sausage and onions, looked amazing.One concession booth was busy churning their own homemade ice cream with a motorized ice cream churner that was so cute it became part of the festivities! (Their ice cream was fantastic!)

The Hot Air Balloon teams arrived Friday night, after the wind died down, and began their assembly process. It was fun and fascinating to watch these teams work together to accomplish their goal together. In the video you will be able to see the stages and effort it takes to put a balloon in the air, from the unloading to the launch! We had the chance to detail the process of the Team "Balloon Rides Over Orlando, Balloonatic Promotions" With Pilot Ken Shumate. Their team was super nice, and I recommend you calling them! You can find out more about them here at their website:

I really enjoyed watching their teams work together, and felt their friendship for each other, it was very special.

The launching of the air balloons were a feast for the eyes, and a photographer's dream.

This was a fantastic festival, highly recommend it to everyone, come and see it next year!!

Here are the pictures: Seaside Balloon Festival Pictures by Gail Carson

Here are the video highlights:

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