Yancy's Blueberry Farm, Silver Springs, Florida

Yancy's Blueberry Farm- Silver Springs, Florida

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Yancy's Blueberry Farm

U-Pick Blueberries

11821 SE 1st Street Rd

Silver Springs, FL 34488

(352) 625-4386

Yancy's Blueberry Farm in Silver Springs, Florida, has 25 acres filled with premium blueberry bushes for the u-pick enthusiast.

Rows and rows of blueberry bushes loaded with giant, plump berries ready to fall into your bucket!

The season goes from about April to June 1st every year. Call them ahead of time to find out the weather and the crops picking conditions.

Bryan and I had a nice visit. He was so proud to have his blueberry bucket tied around his waist, as the official blueberry picker! He loved to walk through the rows and find the perfect berries for his bucket. He couldn't help tasting some before they made it to the bucket!!

This farm is the best blueberry farm I have ever seen, and the berries are so very delicious!! I highly recommend it!

Come take a tour!